Post Cleaning Instructions

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in your cleaning needs. I trust that we were able to achieve maximum soil removal, maximum spot removal, and that we did it in a courteous, efficient and timely manner. If you have any comments on our service please contact us.

Please do not slip and fall.

Damp carpet can be slippery. Please be careful when using stairs and also when walking from the freshly cleaned carpet to any hard surface, such as vinyl or tile. Your shoes will be damp and you could fall. Please keep children and pets off damp carpet until it dries.

Warm moving air dries carpet quickly.

Moving air dries carpet quicker. The boundary layer of air, the few inches above the carpet, is usually high in humidity as the carpet is drying. In the winter or cold days, please turn on the heater. Warm air holds more moisture and dries carpet quicker. On hot humid days, you may want to use the air conditioning, if available, to create dryer air and air movement. Otherwise, open windows and doors and have fans blowing on the carpet. Ceiling fans should always be turned on blowing down, no matter what weather.

Some carpets may swell when cleaned.

This usually occurs in carpets that are in need of stretching and shows up as ripples in the carpet after cleaning. The ripples will go away and lay back down within 48 hours. If this occurs, you may want to consider having your carpet " power stretched".

Try to take care of the spots and spills as soon as possible.

Most spots and spills can be taken care of by yourself if you get to them right away. Hopefully, you will have a carpet spotter and a white towel handy. Also, don't panic ! Most damage is done when someone is in a hurry, and they attempt to clean the spot to aggressively. If you ever have any questions, please call us or visit Clean .